What happened to the sample I sent?

What does the food scientist or technologist expect from the flavor chemist? He desires a flavor or flavor system that is quite unique. Like his marketing counterpart, he wants instant service and not have to wait weeks for a sample. He wants these flavors to be very reasonable in cost to keep his total cost of ingredients down to a level marketing people can live with. He needs a flavor that will be stable under all processing and formulating conditions.

On the other side of the fence, the flavor house and the flavor chemist wants more requests that are easy to fill off the shelf. The flavor chemist desires tbe product development process to be completed in a few months and using his first submission. He wants large orders for his particular flavor to follow almost immediately. The flavorist would like to be the sole supplier and have the product with his flavor to grow in sales over the next 20 years.

Now what happens in reality to this situation that I have just described? The product developer and the flavor chemist must get together and reach an understanding as to what each can expect from the other. Better communication is the key. As in our entire life, be it at work, home or in the community, most problems arise because of poor, faulty or ineffective communications.

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