3 Ways to Transform Citrus Critics into Connoisseurs

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Citrus is one of the most prevalent flavors in the world and arguably the king of the refreshing beverage category. Boasting countless types, tastes and flavor profiles, it can be hard to imagine how anyone could be less than a fan of this staple beverage flavor. Yet, according to research conducted by ADM, 33% of U.S. consumers and 40% of U.K. consumers are considered “citrus non-enthusiasts.” With citrus being a key battleground for all types of beverages, how can brands overcome this hurdle of consumption?

We have put together three consumer research-backed strategies to help transform the world’s citrus critics into citrus connoisseurs.

1)  Put a Twist on the Traditional

Lemon, orange and lime are usually the first fruits that come to mind when thinking of that classic citrus flavor. Although traditional in nature, they certainly do not need to be boring. With the help of ADM’s Corefold™ citrus flavor technology, brands can unlock bold and vibrant flavors that will tantalize the tastebuds of even the toughest citrus critics. Corefold™ technology is a novel approach to distillation where ADM concentrates the core part of the citrus oil and amplifies the molecules responsible for impact and mouthfeel, all while capturing top notes for freshness and high aroma—qualities usually lost in standard extraction methods. This technology allows brands to re-imagine the core taste of citrus, infusing new life into the old standards. 

2)   Cater to Regional Tastes

Similar to how restaurants worldwide cater to localized flavor palates, so should citrus beverage flavors. Brands cannot expect a cautious traditionalist consumer in Poland to have the same taste profile and preferences as an adventurous and curious consumer in Spain. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to launching citrus flavors. Brands must understand and communicate the importance of heritage flavors that stem from a country’s roots. This is where offering varietal citrus flavors can make a huge difference in converting citrus agnostics into believers. ADM’s Varietal Citrus Toolbox provides consumers in the EU with an assortment of flavor profiles for every need and occasion. With a collaborative global team of citrus flavorists, ADM can customize and localize profiles to each country’s flavor preference and every consumer’s unique needs and motivations.

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3) Dare to be Different

Ready to breeze past your competitors in citrus? Explore unique citrus flavor varieties or reimagine consumer favorites. Uncover the tangy tartness of yuzu or the exciting burst of flavor from the calamansi fruit, or simply give your orange or lemon a sensory “upgrade.” Modern consumers seek beverages that deliver excitement through stimulation and discovery of less conventional citrus fruits.  By making taste an experience, brands can captivate new audiences while reminding old ones why they fell in love with the refreshing taste of citrus in the first place. 

Ready to get started? We have the tools, technical know-how, and creativity to provide you with the unique citrus profiles your brand requires for its pickiest consumers. We understand citrus on the molecular level and have the broadest technological bandwidth on the market today. Learn more by downloading our case study.  


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