Italian bergamot: imitated but never duplicated

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Grown over 1700 hectares in Calabria, this supply chain guarantees a fair income to farmers, a positive social impact in one of the poorest areas in Italy and a sustainable resource to the industry.

Capua’s expanding program of sustainable certifications with UEBT allows us to offer an inclusive and unique ingredient to create with.

Sai Platform silver standard and organic certified (CSQA) available.

  • 1700 hectare planted acreage
  • 400 trees per hectare
  • 50/60 kg of fruits per tree
  • 25 tons of fruit per hectare
  • 210 tons of essence per year

Capua 1880 is a fifth-generation family-owned company specializing in Italian citrus founded in 1880 in Southern Italy. Capua 1880 USA Inc. established in 2020 allows easier access of our citrus products to customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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