The F&F Job Market: Status Update

Deep summer is typically a slow time for flavor and fragrance industry recruiters, notes Richard Panzarasa, owner and president of executive search and consulting firm Panzarasa Group. Yet, a relatively strong job market in the industry has kept Panzarasa busy, driven by company reorganizations and candidates’ sense that a career move is necessary. Yet, he notes, the job search and candidate selection processes are changing.

Interview Process Growing Longer

Many candidates are finding that the interview process is dragging on for a longer period of time—even months—notes Panzarasa, highlighting a lack of urgency on both the part of the company and the candidate. Postponements and even cancellations of appointments extend time lines, sometimes even for senior management candidates.

“I’m seeing a subtle change in the attitudes and behavior of both the interviewer and interviewee,” Panzarasa says. “There’s always something that comes up, someone’s traveling, but then the candidate is out of town, then there’s a holiday. When you let things drift, the interest is lost. You can lose good people this way.”

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