Hemp Joi Launches Flavor Me Tinctures

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Flavor Me allows consumers to flavor their own CBD products. Photo: Hemp Joi.

Hemp Joi has launched its Flavor Me tinctures which allow consumers to flavor their CBD products.

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Flavor Me offers tinctures that come with its earthy CBD flavor, allowing the customer to choose the flavor they want.

Hemp Joi also offers five different flavor pouches that can be added to each purchase for $5 a pouch. The flavors they have included are mint mojito, piña colada, root beer, orange cream and mango.

Steve Katz, co-founder of Hemp Joi, said, "I felt if I picked a flavor people didn't like, it would make my job more difficult to sell the product. I also felt I could develop a product to market to other CBD/Health Stores to allow them to make easier buying decisions. Thus, Flavor Me was created." 

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