IFF Joins WPC for a Discussion on Naturals in Fragrance

R&D director Bernard Blerot is set to take the stage this summer in Miami.
R&D director Bernard Blerot is set to take the stage this summer in Miami.

The World Perfumery Congress (WPC) 2022 is set to host IFF's R&D director Bernard Blerot for his session, "The Science Behind Naturals: Consumer Benefits of the Future."

Session Overview

While natural ingredients have been used by perfumers since the origins of perfumery, and their benefits often documented in the aromatherapy bibliography, there has been little science-based research to assess their objective sensorial, psychological and physical benefits. This session will present how a combination of data science, neuroscience and other techniques unveils the full power of natural ingredients for perfumery creation beyond hedonics, for holistic wellness, from memory to sleep improvement as well as cosmetic benefits. 

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The WPC is the global stage for fragrance artistry, ingredients, technology, brands and business. The 2022 congress will address the future of the industry. Qualified perfumers and students receive discounted rates.

Prepare for a lineup of the industry’s global innovation leaders, including perfumers, R&D specialists, marketers and product developers, executives, market analysts and more.

Visit www.worldperfumerycongress.com to learn more and register.

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