The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) will conduct an information exchange (INFOX) on May 5, 2010 at the Woodcliff Lake Hilton, Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. The program will feature talks on:

  • Clinical perspective on oakmoss purities and eugenol elicitation by Magnus Bruze (Malmo University)
  • Principles of Skin Penetration - Application to Fragrance Ingredients by Bob Bronaugh (FDA)
  • Relevance of collaborative biomonitoring activities to fragrance disposition by Steve Robison (P&G)
  • Beneficial aspects of fragrance use in treatment of TCDD poisoning by Jean Hilaire Saurat (University of Geneva)
  • Consumer product perspective on sustainability by Ian Malcomber (Unilever)
  • Progress in environmental assessment of chemicals by Beate Escher (University of Queenstown)
  • Expression and regulation of intracellular adhesion molecules by Allison Fryer, Oregon Health Sciences University
  • Prediction of respiratory deposition for fragrance ingredients by Jeff Shroeter, Applied Research Association.

Download registration form; for more details visit RIFM Web site.

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