Meeting Preview: FMA Green Workshop

On October 15, the Fragrance Materials Association (FMA) will be holding its Fall workshop entitled "Green: Sustainability in a Changing Environment." To be held at the Teaneck Marriott in Glenpointe, NJ, this workshop aims to answer some of the following key questions surrounding what it means to be "green" in the fragrance industry:

  • How does this trend toward “greener” and sustainable products impact the fragrance industry?
  • How are fragrance formulators responding to customer requests for a “green” fragrance?
  • What are the consumer product companies doing to differentiate their products as environmentally sound?
  • Do consumers really buy more products with ecolabels and how long will this marketing tool last?
  • What is the definition of a “green” product?

These and other questions will be addressed in the morning's panel discussion on “green” fragrances. The panelists include Lauren Heine (Lauren Heine Group LLC), Hee Joeng Son (Belmay) and Dan Salvito (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials).

In addition, the event's keynote speaker, Peter Calow (University of Roskilde, Denmark), will present "Consumer Climate Change: Innovating in a Greener World." Consumers show increasing interest in green products and socially responsible company practices. From organic and natural ingredients to sustainable resources, fair trade agreements, and carbon footprints, these emerging trends will require new and innovative ways of sourcing, manufacturing, and marketing products and fragrances.

The workshop will take place from 9 AM–12 PM, followed by a luncheon.

For more information or to register, contact Amy Reuter; tel: 1-202-463-8998;

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