Bell's Annual Fragrance Workshop

Bell Flavors & Fragrances recently held its annual Fragrance Workshop at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Each year Bell holds a workshop for its fragrance sales staff to present the latest trends and provide continuing education in the formulation of fragrances to better serve their customers. This year’s workshop featured a “Green” theme. The day started with a ‘Make Your Own Fragrance’ session in which the sales staff, with the help of Bell perfumers, made fragrance component selections that would be combined to create new fragrances, all with a “Green” theme of natural aromas.

To continue the creative process, the sales staff were asked to come up with marketing names for their fragrances. Presentations were given by the marketing departments of Bell US and Bell Europe, highlighting the “Green” trends that have been emerging in recent times. Tying in with these trends, Bell’s R&D department created natural-type fragrances that were featured in lotions and include Solar Garden, Nurturing Root and Green Fusion. Participants of the workshop also took part in a botanical hands-on demonstration by Chicago Botanic Garden horticulture program specialist Nancy Clifton. To complete the “Green” day, everyone enjoyed a guided walking tour of the garden.

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