Around the World: Natural and Fermentation


Though Flavorcon 2019 might take place in the American heartlands, the program draws from around trends around the world.

Two of the program’s most globally-minded sessions take a look at the buzziest word in the food and beverage space and a thousand-years-old process having a major moment on the world stage.

It Comes Naturally

Natural is stamped on products and ingredients around the world… but what does it actually mean? With minimal regulations on using the term and myriad interpretations of what qualifies, the opportunities for creating natural are endless—and can apply to far more than healthy treats and beverages.

In his presentation, It's Only Natural: Where we Should be Heading with Our Ingredients Before the Apocalypse Arrives, Steven Pringle, VP global mint and Sensates Group at Takasago, will explore natural beyond the current flavor declarations and probe into the sustainable and renewable areas primed to create value. From upstream ingredient creation to brand value and recognition, Pringle will cover everything you need to know to cater to the consumers seeking ethically produced products across the board.

In More Than a Pickle

Fermentation runs very, very deep through global history—in wine and beer, the process is at least 10,000 years old. In the last decade, however, fermented foods from around the world—from kombucha to kimchi—have moved to the global culinary A-list: one company found that consumption of fermented foods was up an astounding 149% in 2018 alone.

During A Conversation on the Creation of Flavor Esquire food and drinks editor Jeff Gordinier will sit down with David Zilber, director of fermentation at Copenhagen’s Restaurant Noma, to explore what makes food as delicious to diners as it is to chef, and offer insights into the Fermentation Lab’s fine dining innovations.

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