France's International Day of Essential Oils & Extracts Celebrates 30 Years

The upcoming PAM 2011 and XXX èmes Journées Internationales des Huiles Essentielles et Extraits (30th International Days of Essential Oils & Extracts) event in Digne, France—happening September 6–8, 2011—will feature a variety of topics and lectures for its attendees. The opening lecture will focus on changes seen in the art of perfumery during the past 30 years, while other sessions on the first day will focus on topics such as Mediterranean Sea-inspired fragrances, raw materials and essential oils from around the world, French and North African medicinal plants, and, to end the day, a roundtable discussion with a presentation by PASS Pole of its policy to develop a Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. Following the roundtable, the signature of official conventions will take place.

The second day is set to see sessions on new technologies and an update of current industry regulations and standards, a roundtable on legal requirements, natural plant extracts and their use in the cosmetic world, and, as an introduction to the closing ceremony, poster awards will be given to their elected winners.

Additional opportunities to participate in at the event will include b-to-b meetings; exhibitions from industry producers, suppliers, brands and partners; workshops covering topics such as legislation, product labelling and market labels, new agricultural techniques, improved distillation processes and more; and presentations on lavender distillation and the art of creating perfume, which are open to the public, inviting local visitors to receive information about popular products.

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