PASS Seminar Focuses on Natural, Debuts Innovation Platform

Organized by the competitiveness cluster PASS, the scientific seminar "Advances in natural products analysis" recently brought together 170 participants in Grasse, France. The occasion was also used to present the innovation platform ERIN, which is to begin operation in early 2011 at the Jacques-Louis Lions area.

The seminar looked at the industry’s increase in natural products, as well as the continuation of providing aromatic and cosmetic industry development prospects, probing into how the wide variety of natural extracts of composition, both quantitatively, with their infinite number of components, and qualitatively, with the wide variety of chemical structures, requires skill and technology of high level to be able to characterize, quantify and authenticate them.

To address these issues, PASS, the CNRS, the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and the PRODAROM professional union created a technology platform—ERIN (European Resaerch Institute on Natural Ingredients)—dedicated to the analytical chemistry of natural extracts used in perfumery, food flavorings and cosmetics.

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