Expo West is Postponed Due to COVID-19

New Hope has announced the postponement of Expo West amid community concerns related to the COVID-19 outbreak.
New Hope has announced the postponement of Expo West amid community concerns related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Natural Products Expo West has been postponed due to the international COVID-19 situation, with intentions from New Hope to announce a new date by mid-April.

New Hope and its sister companies around the world have been guided by local government and health authority advice, as well by the views of the serving communities, in making decisions about its portfolio of events.

A number of events have already been postponed or rescheduled elsewhere across our wider group, to a date later in 2020.

In the particular case of New Hope’s Natural Products Expo, the situation has been very different in that the show was in-flight, with production underway, when the views of the community started to diverge. Some partners strongly advocated continuing with the show as planned, and other partners wanted the show, but not now, and some just wanted a straight-forward cancellation.

Over the last 48 hours, New Hope has worked with the community to try and serve those who want the show by delivering a great experience and support those who want it, but not now, by working on credits and alternatives.

Despite continued advice from local government and health authorities that the City of Anaheim remains open, it became clear that the majority of the community want the show, but they do not want it now.

New Hope intends to work with all exhibitors and attendees on future credits and support. With particular focus on the many entrepreneurs and small businesses, New Hope is going to stand up a rebate fund of $5 million targeted at their specific needs.

The organization plans to deliver a Natural Products Expo West event before the summer to serve the community, either in Anaheim or a suitable alternative location.

“As with all our events, it was the intention here at Expo West in Anaheim, to follow official guidance from local authorities and to listen to the voices of the community we serve and support, in order to maximize the health of the industry,” Fred Linder, group president of New Hope Network, said. “We will be working closely with all our customers and partners across the industry to identify a new date for the show later in the year, and providing the service and support to deliver the connections and experience everyone expects from Expo West and the New Hope Network.” 

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