Marguerite La Corte Anniversary; Announces New 2014 Trend Treks

Marguerite La Corte, who is is celebrating her 10th anniversary as the industry's first global trend tracker and product anthropologist, has announced her new planned 2014 trend treks

Planned 2014 Treks:

  • Brazil—July: 30 days/ 5 States including Amazonian State (Belem or Manaus).
  • Asia—October: 45 days/ up to 5 countries or any one single country. Countries include: China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and either Taiwan or Vietnam.
  • Categories include: air care, baby care, bath & body, color cosmetics, feminine health, hair care, household, men's grooming, nutritionals, oral care, packaging, pain remedies, skin care, sun care, sustainability, upper respiratory, etc. Any new category can be created as well. 

  • Future treks: The Middle East & South Africa.

La Corte says each category is sold to only one client per research trek with signed confidentiality ensuring the integrity of her findings. The 30-45 day field research treks allow La Corte to identify emerging cultural and consumer insights, novel ingredients and unique consumer rituals for clients seeking new product development, packaging/design technology or business opportunities (distribution, acquisitions, etc).

For more info visit: or email: [email protected].

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