2013 Eric Bruell Distinguished Service Award Honoree Announced

IFRA North America will honor Takasago's Sean Traynor, who is the recipient of the 2013 Eric Bruell Distinguished Service Award, during its 2013 spring dinner on April 10. 

The event is scheduled for 5:30–9 PM at the Westmount Country Club in West Paterson, NJ. For more information, click here.

Industry veteran Traynor graduated with a PhD in terpene chemistry from Trinity College Dublin in 1974. He joined Millennium Specialty Chemicals in 1975 where he held a number of technical and management positions. In 1992, he became CEO of Garden State Tanning and in 1999 returned to the flavor and fragrance industry joining Takasago International Corp. (USA) as senior vice president of the Aroma Chemical Division. In 2002, he began his 10-year term as president of Takasago International Corp. (USA) and as a corporate officer for Takasago Japan.

Traynor's other positions in the industry included: president of the Fragrance Materials Association (FMA); board member of the International Fragrance Association North America (IFRA NA); and chairman of the Research Institute of Fragrance Materials (RIFM). 

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