Colipa and LVMH Experts to Speak on REACH

Experts from two fragrance giants will be presenting at this year’s Cosmetics & Toiletries REACH Summit. The event will precede in-cosmetics on April 16, 2007 in Paris, France. The REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) summit will draw together four major perspectives of the proposed regulation to help put to rest some of the issues that the entire industry is scratching its head over. 

Manuela Coroama, issue manager of science and research for Colipa, the European Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association, will be speaking at the event in addition to Anne Laissus-Leclerc, director of R&D regulatory affairs at LVMH Parfums & Cosmétiques.

Coroama will discuss the legislation of REACH from the perspective of the cosmetics industry as downstream users of chemicals. Coroama manages the REACH dossier for Colipa and has developed the association's implementation guidance. Coroama is a chemist by training and joined Colipa in 1994. She has been managing the REACH issue since the adoption of the European Commission’s White Paper in 2001. Since Colipa is a co-founding member of the Downstream Users of Chemicals Coordination Group (DUCC), Coroama has also been actively involved in the activities of the latter from the start. In addition to REACH, Manuela manages projects in the fields of environmental risk assessment, consumer exposure to cosmetic products, industry guidelines related to various regulatory requirements.

In her presentation, Coroama will cover concepts including: 

  • What are the respective objectives of REACH and of the Cosmetics Directive? How do they compare in terms of scope and of requirements? 
  • How will REACH impact the cosmetic industry? 
  • What is the role of Colipa in the context of REACH?

Anne Laissus-Leclerc will present from the “downstream user” perspective and explain what can be done to prepare for REACH. Laissus-Leclerc holds degrees both in pharmacy and health law. From 1991–2003, she worked for the French Health Administration in various capacities. From 1996–2003, she was a member of the Pharmaceutical Committee and of the Steering Committee (European Commission), and from 1998–2003 she was a member of the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) Management Board. In January 2004, Laissus-Leclerc joined LVMH Recherche, Parfums & Cosmétiques, first as deputy director of regulatory and scientific relations, then as regulatory affairs director in January 2005.

In her presentation, Laissus-Leclerc will discuss: 

  • How to prepare for REACH implementation as a cosmetic company
  • A tool for all stakeholders: the RIPs 
  • REACH: Where are we as cosmetic companies? What could be the impact of REACH on our profession?
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