Citrus and the History and Future of Flavor Creation

During the September meeting of the Chemical Sources Association and the Society of Flavor Chemists, presenters Tony Batcup, Pia Henzi and Tillman Miritz of MCI Miritz Intercontinental discussed and presented blotters of Brazilian orange oil rectifications, extracts and CO2 extracts. Rectifications involve orange oil “fronts,” or volatiles, captured when heat is applied. Attendees smelled orange oil terpenes, followed by 10 times rectified orange oil, which was decolorized. Highly concentrated orange oil was also presented; the extracts were all produced using ethanol. The presenters explained that hydroxycoumarin-free orange oil can be produced using a combination of extraction and rectification.

“Orange is not orange; it can be quite different,” said Miritz as the presentation concluded with CO2 extracts.

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