IFEAT Tour of Italy

Bergamot oil dropping from a centrifuge.
Bergamot oil dropping from a centrifuge.

The International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades recently held its study tour of Italy, exploring the region’s production and trade of essential oils, concretes and absolutes. The event included visits to Agrumaria Corleone, a citrus fruit garden in Bagheria, Citrus Vita, Misitano & Stracuzzi, an orange garden in Catania, the University of Messina’s Department of Essential Oils, Capua, bergamot gardens, and Cilione. 

Photo Captions:

Photo 1: The IFEAT study group: back row from left to right: Stephen Pisano (Citrus and Allied), Alex Thomas (New Directions Aromatic), John Black (Aroma Trading), Alan York (Global Essence), Karen Surhof (Sensient), Hans Pfeiffer (Cilione Srl), Thomas Lauzurica (Berjè Inc.), Jim Gates (Lebermuth) and Alan Brown (Lebermuth) and Alberto Arrigo (Cilione); center row from left: Jian Liu (Shanghai Fortune Essences & Aromatics ), Vincent Scully (Lionel Hitchen), Chris English (Bontoux Inc.), Paula Boudjouk (Medallion), Richard Illeck (PepsiCo), Katrina Neale (Global Essence Inc.), Hussein Fakhry (A. Fakhry & Co.), Alain Frix (SCM Europe), Taku Kitano (Yamamoto Perfumery), Christine Quinn (The Cola-Cola Co.), Winnie Yeung (Kallin International), Bhuvana Nageshwaran (Ultra International Ltd.), Amr Hashen (Hashem Brothers), Clark Teng (Taiwan Tekho Fine-Chem), and the tour bus driver; front row: Enzo Cilione (Cilione), Taku Kitano (Yamamoto Perfumery), Takahiro Yamamoto (Tanemura & Co. Ltd.), Manabu Koida (Takasago) and Peter Greenhalgh (IFEAT).

Photo 2: Factory visit: foreground, from left: Stephen Pisano (Citrus and Allied Essences), Alberto Arrigo (Cilione), Alan Frix (SCM Europe) and Katrina Neale (Global Essence); background, from left: Karen Surhoff (Sensient), Jim Gates (Lebermuth), Winnie Yeung (Kallin International) and Jian Liu (Shanghai Fortune Essences & Aromatics).

Photo 5: Factory visit: foreground from left: Winnie Yeung (Kallin International) and Clark Teng (Taiwan Tekho Fine-Chem); left: Hussein Fakhry (A. Fakhry & Co.) and Antonio Cilione (Cilione); center: Alan Frix (Millennium/Lyondell), Enzo Cilione (Cilione) and Alberto Arrigo (Cilione); right: Richard Illek (PepsiCo) and Jim Gates (Lebermuth).

Special thanks to Alberto Arrigo, business development manager, Cilione Srl, for photos and captions.

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