Photo Album and Highlights: CSA Roundtable, Elections

Featuring 20 raw material suppliers, the latest Chemical Sources Association (CSA) roundtable featured a wide range of flavor ingredients. A quick snapshot of some of the offerings:

  • IFF displayed a mushroom extract (1-octen-3-ol 80–90%) that possesses soy-masking capabilities.
  • Elan showed synthetic glycerine tripropanoate (FEMA# 3286; CAS# 139-45-7), a replacement for diacetyl.
  • Mane exhibited a rectified bergamot essential oil with a citrusy, fruity and aromatic character.
  • AM Todd displayed a number of mint blends designed to "insure sustainability and reproducibility."
  • Berje showed Ginger T'less, a Nigerian ginger cleaned through molecular distillation.
  • Frutarom exhibited SE Chrysanthemum FR, a natural material appropriate for chrysanthemum tea notes and blueberry.
  • Citrus & Allied displayed blue Hungarian chamomile oil with tobaccolike, fatty and tea notes.
  • Global Essence showed a granulated Italian bergamot material that possesses a standard 12-month shelf-life.
  • Vigon and Givaudan co-presented a furanol acetate, which had a cotton candy, slightly burnt candy character.
  • Lionel Hitchen USA presented a super-soluble coriander seed material with a colalike note and which is appropriate for herb notes in beverages.

During the meeting, the following appointments were made to the CSA board:

  • President: Cynthia Lipka (Sethness Greenleaf)
  • VP/Secretary: Dolores Avezzano (Cargill)
  • VP/Treasurer: Florentina Michael (Charkit)
  • Chairman: Chris Williams (Wild)
  • Member at Large: Barbara Tangel (IFF)
  • Member at Large: Kent Zeller (Hershey)
  • Member at Large: Ed Brown (EWB Sales LLC)
  • Member at Large: Marianne Maloney (Takasago)
  • Member at Large: Christine Daley (A.M. Todd)
  • Member at Large: Peter Mazeiko (Ottens Flavors)
  • New Member: Alpa Roman (Flavor & Fragrance Specialties)
  • New Member: Dianne Sansone (Flavor & Fragrance Specialties)
  • New Member: Michele DiStefano (Flavor Materials Intl.)
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