Creating Non-alcoholic Fragrances With Reimar Bruening

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The World Perfumery Congress'  Petit WPC Sessionsan extension of the general conferencewill feature additional lunch-hour talks during the three-day event. Each session will explore key issues facing the industry.

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On June 6, Reimar Bruening, Ph.D., California Cosmetic Creations, will present on “Developing Non-alcoholic Fragrances.” During the presentation, he will introduce hydrocarbon solvents from renewable botanical sources as alternative tools for the creation of fragrances. These newer plant-based hydrocarbons, from coconut, palm or rapeseed alkanes, can replace traditional ingredients in the production of all-natural concretes and absolutes.

Attendees will learn about the creation of non-alcoholic fragrances, its historical context, insight into new raw materials and the appeal of these products to consumers.  

"I will show that the use of these new solvents in perfume composition offers an entirely new approach for perfumers to create formulas from classic ingredients with very different olfactory and physical properties," said Bruening. "I hope to activate the creative juices among my audience to embark on this adventure, as the possibilities are limitless."


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