Huabao Receives Inspection and Survey from Apei Jinyuan

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Leaders visiting Huabao Shanghai Park. Photo Credit: Huabao.

Apei Jinyuan, vice chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region Committee of the CPPCC, chairman of Tibet Federation of Industry and Commerce and chairman of Tibet General Chamber of Commerce along with other leaders, visited Huabao Shanghai Park to inspect and survey, on September 24, 2020.

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Yang Zhonghua, director of the Shanghai Office of Tibet Autonomous Region as well as Lu Hongjun, member of the Leading Party Group and vice chairman of Tibet Federation of Industry and Commerce were also in attendance.

During the survey symposium, president Yuan Xiaoqin delivered a speech reviewing the process of Huabao's relocation to Lhasa, Tibet. 

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Yuan Xiaoqin recognized the achievements made by Huabao in his speech. In addition, Xiaoqin expressed the hope that Huabao can grow bigger and stronger and contribute more to the development of Tibet.

Yang Cheng, Huabao’s assistant to president and Lhasa Huabao’s general manager, shared the company’s condition with the participating leaders, especially the tax contribution and targeted poverty alleviation work of Huabao in Tibet.

At the end of the survey symposium, Apei Jinyuan and his party accompanied by Yuan and other company leaders visited the showroom of Huabao.