Jim Goodwin

Jim Goodwin, previously president of product development at Bacardi Martini and active member of the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association and Institute of Food Technologists, has passed away. In a letter, Jon Grey, senior vice president, global operations group at  Bacardi Ltd., detailed Goodwin's career contributions during his 23 years with Bacardi. These included participation in the creation of Bacardi Breezer, Bacardi Limón and the technology development for Oxley Gin.

In his note, Grey says, "Jim was the consummate perfectionist, and devoted to details. His efforts and leadership led to more than one-hundred-fifty new product launches. Jim’s leadership and vision was instrumental in creating the infrastructure and teams for new product development within the company, as well as creating superb laboratory and pilot plant facilities.

"Jim to the end was a Southern gentleman and an exemplary promoter of the values Bacardi employees live by every day."

Personal condolences may be sent to Takashi Nakamura, Bacardi Martini Product Development, 12200 North Main St., Jacksonville, FL, 32218‐3819.

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