ScentAir and EnviroScent Merge

ScentAir Technologies, Inc., a global provider of scent delivery business solutions, announced its plan to combine forces with scent communications company EnviroScent, effective immediately. EviroScent, a portable commercial scenting company, currently serves customers across the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, in industries such as hospitality, retail, real estate and gaming. The merger will expand the companies’ product lines, sales force and technologies.

“This merger reinforces our leadership position and increases our ability to meet customers’ growing needs to use scent as a critical part of the marketing mix,” says Tom Conroy, CEO of ScentAir, who has been newly appointed as CEO of the combined company.

“This merger reflects the joining of two companies with shared corporate cultures and an entrepreneurial spirit that will continue to drive growth for the combined company,” says Jeff Sherwood, CEO of EnviroScent, who will become a member of the new ScentAir senior management team.

For the short term, ScentAir and EnviroScent will operate under their respective brand names with joint sales, marketing, administration and manufacturing resources. For more information, visit

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