Symrise Publishes Genealogies for Skin Care

Symrise has published the first genealogies for body care and sun care products. Like the company’s earlier genealogies for fine fragrances and personal care products, the Symrise skin care genealogies provide the global fragrance and cosmetics industry with a detailed overview of existing products, new releases and trends on the market. They are organized on the basis of different fragrance families, such as citrus, floral, oriental and woody. Products listed within these fragrance families are then broken down into subfamilies. In addition, what is known as a “specifier”—a reference product representing key olfactory characteristics—is also used to describe the different body care and sun care products in the skin care genealogies. This three-part classification system makes it possible to present products in precise terms and to understand which market segments have seen an increase in product launches and which fragrance segments have so far only been partially covered, if at all.
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