Frutarom Signs Deal with BLIS Technologies

Frutarom has announced that it has completed a formal marketing and distribution agreement with BLIS Technologies Ltd. (Dunedin, New Zealand). Frutarom USA will be responsible for all sales and marketing, warehousing and distribution of BLIS K12 in North America. BLIS K12 is an advanced probiotic for the prevention of upper airways infection including bacterial sore throats, prevention of tooth and gum disease and treatment of chronic bad breath. The product will be officially unveiled at the Frutarom stand at the Supply Side West show on Oct. 23.

Of the agreement, Frutarom USA vice president of the health division Laurent Leduc said, “This is a significant opportunity for us to expand our business around a product with both an exceptional safety profile and excellent record of clinical validation for its effectiveness in preventing many common infections of the upper airways and oral cavity. The great thing about BLIS K12 is that it has no peers in the market. This product is unique and with the patents around it, it will likely remain that way for a long time.”

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