CSA Annual Dinner

The Chemical Sources Association is thinking about hosting an Annual Dinner to take place sometime during the Summer of 2009. We are conceptualizing an 'Iron Chef'-type competition where world class chefs would use our industry tools—essential oils, oleoresins and perhaps chemical compounds—in culinary creations. Envision four delectable courses from approximately four chefs. These dishes would be evaluated and judged by a panel and a winner announced. This lovely evening would run between $50–70. In addition to inviting the CSA members to this dinner, we would be also reaching out to the members of the Society of Flavor Chemists and the Research Chefs Association.

We would love to get some feedback from you on 1) your and/or your company's interest in such an endeavour and 2) thoughts on how you would like to see this event run. Please feel free to contact any committee member: me, Dolores Avezzano, Florentina Cimpian or Michele DiStefano with your thoughts, comments and aspirations. Thanks for your help!

Cynthia Lipka
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