Inside the Symrise-Bayliss Ranch Organic Partnership

Symrise recently announced that it would grow its portfolio of organic plant extracts via a partnership with California-based Bayliss Ranch. Symrise is now the exclusive distributor of 22 Ecocert- and USDA NOP-certified plant extracts, including lavender, rose, geranium and peppermint. These materials reportedly have application potential in mouthwashes, bath products, and hair and skin care products. Bayliss will continue to develop more materials with its proprietary steam extraction process in partnership with Symrise.

Of the deal, Symrise's president of scent and care Klaus Stanzl said:

Consumers are increasingly aware of their social and ecological responsibility. They want products made of natural, sustainable and environmentally compatible substances. The demand for botanicals which come from controlled biological cultivation will keep growing ... .

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