Being Green = Saving Green

A.M. Todd’s Mooreganics division has purchased a 50,000-sq-ft facility in Hamilton, Ohio to consolidate its various sites. The facility allows the company to take advantage of expanded flavor and isolate manufacturing and warehousing, in addition to more product development and applications laboratories, technologies and staff. Also, the company has five acres of land available for future growth. Mooreganics aims to have the product development laboratories moved in and operational by August, while the remaining operations,

What makes this move unique is that Mooreganics is doing it with sustainability as one of its major goals. In addition to buying an existing structure rather than building new, and the resources this has saved, the company has reutilized everything possible from building materials, fixtures, furniture and office, laboratory and manufacturing equipment. In addition, by consolidating multiple facilities into one, the company saves on the redundant resources required. According to Tony Moore, the company is also “looking into creating a sustainable landscaping program including capturing and redirecting rain runoff and creating a composting and mulching program using the spent material from the manufacture of our organic isolates.” And that’s just the beginning. Moore says that the company will continue to monitor advances in more sustainable, efficient and alternate energy sources and programs that relate to commercial structures. When it comes down to it, instituting sustainable practices such as reusing office/lab equipment and capturing rainwater not only reduces a company’s environmental impact, but can also positively affect the bottom line.

By Kelly Frederick, Associate Editor, [email protected]

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