Symrise Expands Powder Mixing Plant, Raw Materials Warehouse

Symrise AG, which has launched a plan to invest around €200 million in its facilities, is combining and expanding its powder mixing operations and will begin operations at the new plant on June 11. 

The company is consolidating its production of flavored powdered mixtures for sweet and savory foods and the complex also includes a new, modern raw materials warehouse. In the future, employees will produce flavors for powdered compositions used in sweets, soups, instant foods and seasoning mixes for snacks.

“Today, we are combining areas that belong together. Previously, we had two separate powder mixing facilities in Holzminden. With our new plant, we are consolidating both production sites and thereby increasing efficiency, capacity and product diversity,” said Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, CEO of Symrise AG. “Much like the wishes of our customers, today’s markets and business areas develop very dynamically. With our new production plant, we can now react more flexibly to these changes,” Bertram added.

Symrise invested more than 5 million into the new building. The investment is part of the 2020 site agreement, which stipulates that Symrise will invest 220 million euros by the year 2020. Over the past four years, Symrise has already invested 120 million euros at various sites. This includes the expansion of the perfume oil mixing operation in Holzminden, new sites in Russia and Brazil, production expansion in Singapore as well as the doubling of the menthol capacities and the new research center in Holzminden.

Other Symrise projects are either under construction or being planned, such as the building of a new extraction facility for natural flavors and the upcoming expansion of the production capacities for cosmetic ingredients.

The new mixing plant consists of two areas: production activities are distributed across 3,500 square meters, while the warehouse offers room for 1,500 pallets on 1,000 square meters of floor space. All processes from raw materials to shipping are now located under one roof. A system of special locks increases the hygiene standards for this production area. Symrise also installed a light management system that fulfills the MINERGIE and EU Ecodesign regulations. The company said this creates energy savings of 75% compared to conventional electrical ballasts. The system also has controls that change according to the amount of daylight as well as a presence detector.

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