Kerry's 2014 Group Revenue Rises to €5.8B on 2.4% Continuing Vol Growth

Despite weaker overall market conditions and lower industry inventory levels, Kerry’s ingredients & flavors businesses achieved good volume growth and a strong trading performance in 2014. Continuing business volumes increased by 3.4% and net pricing declined by 0.5%.

Also, Kerry said separately that it plans to spend "at least" €400m on acquisitions after it shed assets and repositioned its consumer foods division.

  • Group revenue of €5.8 billion reflected 2.4% continuing volume growth
  • Ingredients & Flavors €4.3 billion, +3.4% continuing volumes
  • Consumer Foods €1.5 billion, -0.7% continuing volumes
  •  In the Americas, beverage systems & flavors delivered good growth in particular through aseptic offerings in nutritional segments.
  •  Savory, dairy and culinary systems & flavors performed well in particular in the meat industry and through foodservice applications in the Americas. 
  • In Asia-Pacific, beverage systems & flavors maintained good growth in dairy, tea, coffee and nutritional beverage segments.
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