Givaudan Releases Sustainability Report

In a report released March 22 and assured by Ernst & Young, Givaudan showed progress toward its sustainability goals.

When measured against the 2009 baseline, water efficiency had improved by 13.8%, energy efficiency up by 7.8% and carbon dioxide emissions are down by 12.8% per metric ton of product. There has been a 44% reduction in the rate of lost-time injuries across all of its manufacturing facilities.

The company's 2020 targets are, against the 2009 baseline and per metric ton of production, 25% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, 20% reduction in energy consumption, 15% reduction in incinerated and landfill waste, and 15% reduction in municipal and ground water use, as well as lost-time injury rate below 0.1.

“While 2011 was focused on delivering against our sustainability commitments, it was equally important to reflect on the progress we had made and to ensure our efforts are aligned with key stakeholders," said Joe Fabbri, global head of human resources and chair of the Givaudan Sustainability Programme. "Our on-going dialogue with all audiences—ranging from customers and employees, to investors and suppliers—has been documented in this Report, which demonstrates that we are making considerable progress on our sustainability journey.”

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