Naturex Posts Strong First Half of Fiscal 2011

Naturex (Avignon, France) announced its consolidated revenue for the first half of its 2011 financial year. For the first half of fiscal 2011, Naturex saw revenues of €127.9 million, up 14.1% compared to the previous year. Organic growth for the half year also stands at 13.1%, and activity in the second quarter 2011 is well-situated despite the less-favorable exchange rate effects over the period.
The company showed sustained growth in both the food and beverage, and nutrition and health markets. Food and beverage grew 17.6% (+13.8% on a comparable basis), with €78.4 million in revenue, and nutrition and health generated €40.4 million in revenue, up 5.5%. Also the personal care division recorded less-than-significant figures for the half year, in light of a very low base.

The company also performed well in its three designated geographical regions. During the first half of 2011, Naturex opened subsidiaries in Korea, Mexico and Canada, and it now has 19 sales locations around the world. For financial growth, the mature markets in Europe and in North America are still the main engines, while the Asia-Pacific region is on track thanks to the sharp growth in the activity in Asia. And the emerging markets of Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America continue to be focused on for development.

"The strong organic growth carried out over this 1st half of 2011 confirms the technical know-how and the commercial dynamism of Naturex on markets that are sustainable promising", declared Jacques Dikansky, CEO and founder of Naturex. "Backed with this performance and our capacity to develop new projects with high value added, we are confident in our ability to achieve another year of strong growth in revenue and in profitability over 2011, in accordance with the targets announced."

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