RIFM Scientist Publishes Research on Nanoparticles

RIFM’s manager of its respiratory science program, Madhuri Singal, PhD, authored a research volume on nanoparticles and lung effects. Published by VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller, ”Nanoparticle Induced Inflammatory Signaling in the Lung: Mechanism of Aerosil200 Particulate Induced Inflammatory Gene Expression in Alveolar Epithelial Cells” details a possible mechanism by which particle-induced signaling in alveolar Type II epithelial lung cells may occur when exposed to nanosized silica particles. With the advent of nanoparticle technology in industrial and consumer products, the toxicological assessment of Aerosil200 particles may become a standard against which to measure the effects of other nanoparticles.

The book can now be purchased through the RIFM’s online store.

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