T. Hasegawa Second Quarter 2011 Financial Report

T. Hasegawa Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) released its second quarter financial results for 2011.While the company saw an increase in net sales over 2010 (¥20,649 million in 2010 vs. ¥20,734 million in 2011), its sales were favorable until February, but declined in March following Japan’s earthquake and tsunami disaster, helping to push its second quarter sales down. However, for net income, the company is outpacing its 2011 second quarter plan, reaching ¥1,333 million and a 6.4% increase, topping 2010’s ¥830 million and rising above the planned ¥1,200 million.

By segment, for its fragrance products, Hasegawa saw a 0.3% decline in 2011 (down to ¥2,529 million from ¥2,536 in 2010), but its flavor products increased 1.9%, from ¥16,587 million in 2010 to ¥16,911 in 2011. Affecting these markets, sales of fruit preparation products decreased by nearly ¥300 million for the company, while tea beverage products increased by approximately ¥200 million.

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