Alpha Aromatics Debuts New Reed Diffuser Technology

Aiming to solve some of the problems people experience when using reed diffusers, Alpha Aromatics introduced its new Flow Science reed diffuser rods and diffuser oils. The patent-pending technology is applied to slender rod reeds, which are available in any length and diameter. Rather than wicking diffuser oil from a container, the reeds actually hold the diffuser oil within themselves without any free liquid to spill, even when tilted 180 degrees.

Each Flow Science reed is designed to contain specially formulated diffuser oil in its reservoir core, and a capillary system carries the liquid up and out, flowing onto a secondary wicking surface. From there, the scent diffuses consistently over time.

And complementing the development of this delivery system are Alpha's new proprietary diffuser oil bases crafted to match the unique physics of the new reeds. Alpha Aromatics' chief perfumer Roger Howell commented, "We've done exhaustive lab and panel testing to arrive at the perfect formula. We've been able to marry trend-setting fragrances with this new technology. The result is a reed-diffusing product that will build brand loyalty and repeat sales based on superior performance."

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