Treatt Works with Flavor and Fragrance Specialists

Correction: The original text of this news item implied Danny Hodrien and Penny Williams were hired to join Treatt. Hodrien and Williams are and remain independent contractors who are currently working in collaboration with Treatt.

Treatt (Bury St. Edmonds, England) has announced it is working with flavor and fragrance specialists Danny Hodrien and Penny Williams to support its product development. Hodrien and Williams are collaborating with Treatt to evaluate its ingredients and demonstrate their functionality, producing sample formulations that highlight the benefits they offer in application.

Williams has worked in the fragrance industry for more twenty years with a background in analytical chemistry, quality control, legislation and perfumery. She is able to provide advice and recommendations on unique customer insights and a thorough understanding of what motivates perfumers to select certain raw materials.

With more than thirty years’ work in the international flavor industry, Hodrien offers training support plus assistance with product analysis and development. In his work with Treatt, Hodrien assesses the company’s Treattarome range of 100% natural distillates and highlights how these materials are used in the context of a flavor.

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