Orgasynth to Become Elixens

Flavor and fragrance company Orgasynth (Paris) will change its name to Elixens as of March 1, 2011. The name change reflects the changes, acquisitions and shifts the company has made in recent years. The name is a combination of contractions of the words “elixir” and “sense” and is meant to reflect the company’s excellence and expertise with distinct French flair.

To match the new name, some of the company’s subsidiaries will also be renamed: Orgarome SAS will become Elixens France SAS; Adrian Essential Oils will become Elixens UK Ltd; Adrian America will become Elixens America Inc; and Floressence will keep its name, as will the company's newest acquisition, Bio Inter. Production subsidiaries Bambao and Eastaroma will not be affected by this change.

The new name of Elixens will also be paired with a new brand signature: “Partageons ce que la nature nous inspire.” In French to reflect the company’s origins, the signature translates to “Let us share what nature inspires.” Additionally, a new visual identity will come with the new name: a brick-colored logo with yellow and red strokes, symbolizing warmth, strength and vitality, and evocative of the earth and sun.

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