Symrise Perfumery School in India Opens

Symrise (Holzminden, Germany) opened is new perfumery school in Chennai, India, guiding junior perfumers through courses in organic chemistry, raw materials, fragrance studies, developing archetypical structures for perfumes, and developing product and marketplace knowledge.

The opening featured a small ceremony with Achim Daub, global president, scent & care, Symrise, who said, “Thanks to our new perfumery school in Chennai, we are creating an in-house pool of excellently trained perfumers and evaluators for the growth market Asia. This is not only the next logical step in expanding our internationally esteemed “Perfumers’ Academy” program: we are also strengthening one of the most important dynamic markets on the Asian continent.”

The school also features coursework and training for fragrance application to products from those for personal care to household items. The program gives the students the opportunity to learn their trade from the ground up. Venkat Iyer, vice president, scent & care, India, Symrise, said “Inspiration is a crucial part of training perfumers, and India and Chennai provide the necessary framework conditions. You can encounter all sorts of scents and spices in many regions of India. India is fascinating and inspiring at the same time.”

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