Evolva to Produce Stevia in 2016, According to New Release

"We expect that stevia will be launched in 2016," Evolva noted in a recent project and financial update.

We expect that stevia will be launched in 2016.

According to provisional, unaudited financials, Evolva’s revenues in 2014 slightly exceeded CHF 10 million (in line with guidance), while the year-end cash position of CHF 60.7 million was higher than the CHF 50 million projected in November 2014.

The results were primarily due to transactions related to the acquisition of Allylix in December: the $4 million investment by Cargill and the sale of 6 million shares to cover Allylix liabilities that was executed earlier than expected (in December 2014).

In 2015, the company expects revenues to increase from 2014. Product related revenues will contribute for the first time, however a significant majority of revenues will still be derived from partnerships.

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