Frutarom Transfers Loxstedt-Nesse Spice Ops to Other Locations

Frutarom is transferring its Germany-based spice refining operations in Loxstedt-Nesse to existing nearby locations. 

Frutarom's business development manager, Adi Melamed, told P&F that expansion in Frutarom Savory Solutions' Loxstedt-Nesse location was not possible because it is situated near domestic housing.

"The operations are [being] transferred to other locations we already have in Germany (Sittensen, Bramstadt, R&D center in Holdorf), so basically we are not investing in an all-new facility, but will expand and invest in those existing facilities," Melamed said. "After those investments, the sites will be most efficient and highly modern." 

Details of the investment and new expansion of the facilities weren't immediately available.  

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