Givaudan Partners with France Lavande, CRIEPPAM on Lavender

Givaudan has expanded its naturals program and extended its involvement in the lavender supply chain.

Lavender in France is susceptible to be exposed to a bacteria known as Stolbur’s phytoplasma, which weakens the plant over a period of three years until it dries out and dies. The disease is well known to French lavender growers; they commonly call it the “dépérissement” or “decline.” Recent European climate changes have caused proliferation of the insect which spreads the disease and further weakened plants through periods of drought.

As as a result, Givaudan has become a member of CRIEPPAM, a French fragrant plants research organization, and has built a three-way partnership in which Givaudan finances the supply of certified healthy lavender plants from CRIEPPAM to the cooperative members of France Lavande.

The partnership works to encourage farmers to join the cooperative and to collaboratively evaluate and improve lavender quality each year to strengthen this crop in the future. During the 2011 through 2012 period, the number of France Lavande cooperative members has increased. Givaudan has also financially supported the development of four plant nurseries that will supply 40% of the plant needs for the 2013 crop in France. In this way, Givaudan says is able to support the production of healthy lavender plants and thus protect lavender from Provence for the fragrance industry.  

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