IFF Publishes Seeds of Growth Sustainability Report

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF) has published its second external sustainability report, Seeds of Growth, which focuses on IFF’s sustainability structure for its worldwide operations during the 2011 calendar year. 

“I believe we have done well and can be proud of what we have achieved since last year,” said Doug Tough, IFF's CEO. “Our sustainability structure has more fully fleshed out a broad commitment to sustainability and has driven it deeper into the organization. This is not simply a top-down initiative, but one with tremendous support at the grassroots level throughout the IFF world."

IFF’s sustainability strategy is aligned with elements of products (creating innovative customer solutions), people (engaging and inspiring employees), sources (sourcing responsibly) and impact (strengthening eco-efficiency and community relationships).

“Our formal sustainability structure integrates our strategy into every area of our business,” said Kip Cleverley, IFF's director of global sustainability. “I am excited for our 'seeds of growth' to continue to take root at IFF and move us to new levels of sustainable growth globally.”

The report was prepared using the G3.1 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the global standard for such reporting, and has obtained an Application Level Check of B+. In addition, IFF has acquired external assurance for the report content from the ISOS Group, an integrated sustainability consultancy firm and GRI-certified training partner for the United States.

To view the full report, the GRI Content Index (which notes the GRI indicators covered in the report and includes additional substantive information about IFF), and an assurance letter from ISOS, click here

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