Fragrance West Acquires Monarch Fragrances

Fragrance West (Van Nuys, California), a four-year-old division of Horn, has acquired Monarch Fragrances (Atlanta).

Both entities will be represented by the Horn Essentials business unit, which is dedicated to the personal care, household, industrial, institutional, car care, pet care and candle/air care markets. According to an official release, Monarch is "currently operating within the same facility and staff aided by an upgraded infrastructure and financial backing."

“The acquisition of Monarch allows Fragrance West and Horn to offer a broader range of fragrance options and finished product solutions," said Christina Fiduccia, vice president of Horn Essentials. "By combining resources, our customers will benefit from improved application, analytical, technical and regulatory support. Monarch and Fragrance West already share a passion for innovation and creativity. Adding Horn's experienced and technically proficient sales force to the equation results in a very unique and formidable combination of talent.”

“Fragrance acquisitions are deservedly viewed with skepticism by customers,” said Mike Zarkades, president of Horn's ingredient division. “Typically, all they get out of these deals are price increases, longer lead times and higher minimums. Our goal is to change that—and make sure our customers actually benefit from this transaction.”

“Perhaps surprisingly, more than 70% of our new business has come from outside California—and more than 50% from outside the western states," Zarkades added. "We are determined to reinvent and improve on traditional business models. Fragrance West and Monarch are part of a very dynamic, long-term commitment we are making to the industries served by Horn Essentials.”

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