Takasago to Open Florida Citrus Center

Takasago Flavors (Rockleigh, NJ) has announced that it will, in partnership with Peace River Citrus Products Inc., open its Citrus Center in Florida in the spring of 2008. This venture enhances Takasago’s capabilities to provide citrus flavors to manufacturers of food and beverages around the world. Additionally, the citrus materials from the Center will be used internally for citrus flavor development.

Of the venture, Takasago International Corp. (USA) Flavor Division vice president and general manager Brian Buck said, “Our global customers are always looking for innovative citrus tastes. Using these materials in our own flavor development efforts, combined with the proprietary distillation and oil folding processes that will be employed at the Takasago Citrus Center, will allow us to come up with some breakthrough nuances in the citrus products we will be offering.”

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