LECO's New Center

LECO Corp. (St. Joseph, MI) has relocated its separation science group to its new Life Sciences & Chemical Analysis Center in St. Joseph, MI. This 11,500-square-foot building is now LECO's headquarters for separation science sales and applications—providing support, method development, sample analysis and instrument demonstrations to new and current customers. In addition to offices and cubicles, the center has conference rooms and classrooms equipped with technology designed for customer training and demonstrations.

Of the new facility, LECO director of national separation science sales director Nick Hall said, "We now have a very impressive area to bring customers in for instrument demonstrations and presentations. This makes a very big difference when trying to sell these types of high-end instruments. Not only are the instruments accessible to the chemists who are performing work on them, but they are also accessible to our customers to view the instruments in action in an ideal environment."

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