Treatt & Earthoil Joint Venture

Treatt plc (Bury St. Edmunds, UK) has announced a strategic partnership with the Earthoil (Lichfield, UK) group of companies. Earthoil manufactures and supplies organically certified and fair traded essential and pressed seed oils. As a result of the new joint venture, Treatt will, with Earthoil, offer a range of organic products in addition to its existing portfolio of flavor and fragrance ingredients.

Of the partnership, Treatt plc managing director Hugo Bovill said, “This exciting venture with Earthoil is a strategic investment for Treatt. It will enable us to develop innovative products, for example 100% natural, organic isolates and the Treattarome range. It will also broaden our reach into new markets, in particular the cosmetics sector. Our investment in this young, dynamic company underlines our confidence in this industry. This is the start of a long-term partnership which will bring many benefits to our customers.

For Earthoil (which includes Earthoil Plantations Ltd. ad Earthoil Kenyz EPZ Proprietary Ltd.) the partnership will enable Earthoil to “strengthen our operations in all areas by drawing on [Treatt’s] market reputation, significant industry expertise and experience as a world leader in agricultural food science analysis,” explains Earthoil sales and marketing director Campbell Walter.

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