Boudard Wins FiFi Award Design Competition

The Fragrance Foundation announced that Denis Boudard, founder and designer, QSLD Paris, has won the FiFi Award redesign competition. The trophy will be showcased at the 2007 FiFi Awards. 

The winning design’s concept is based on a drop of perfume gracefully dissolving into a crystal glass. “I wanted to create a sculpture which embodied the blending of glass and fragrance, because in this industry, one cannot exist without the other," said Boudard. "When combined together, glass and fragrance embody the excellence of luxury. Both elements are indivisible and form a unique entity. I am honored that my design was selected and anxiously await its unveiling at this year’s FiFi Awards ceremony.”

Contestants had to have 10 or more years of experience in the field of fragrance packaging (bottle) design. The Fragrance Foundation reviewed all entry forms and advised each designer if his/her request for submission of a FiFi Award design had been approved. “The finalists were all excellent and will be displayed at the 2007 FIFI Awards on May 31," said Rochelle Bloom, president, The Fragrance Foundation. "Our congratulations to everyone who participated—and especially to QSLD for their winning submission.”

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