Danisco’s Flavor Innovation Center

Danisco USA (New Century, KS) has announced the completion of its flavor innovation center in Lakeland, FL. The new addition, comprising over 5,000 square feet, has state-of-the-art flavor applications, creative laboratories and pilot plants.

The opening of the new laboratory is one in a series of recent investments by Danisco in the Lakeland facility. Earlier this year, Danisco announced the consolidation of its existing flavor facility in Ardsley, NY, to a newly expanded facility in Lakeland. At the same time, the company has made equipment upgrades by installing new production equipment and expanding existing production capacity. With this consolidation, the Lakeland facility will become the “Center of Excellence” for cold beverages, citrus and confectionary for the United States. The St. Louis facility will continue to be the “Center of Excellence” for hot beverages, vanilla, dairy and bakery product development.

Of the new facility, Danisco’s vice president, flavors – Americas, Andy Muller said, “This expansion will allow us to pull together our development capabilities in citrus ingredients and flavors. It will also enable Danisco to provide our customers with a wider range of competitive and uniquely created products. The decision to bring our innovation and operations teams closer together will permit us to take their collaboration to a new level and meet our customers’ demands with an even greater degree of responsiveness and efficiency.”

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