Mane's Meat Pro Proposes Formulations for High-Fiber Burgers

Following more than a year of research and development, the Meat Pro R&D team, from Mane's meat-focused development center, has expanded into the area of vegetable fibers in meat applications.

The products allow the integration of vegetable fibers within meat applications with the taste, texture and appearance be similar to a 100% meat product. Meat Pro is able to formulate and produce complete blends for minced meat applications containing at least 51% meat (beef, pork or poultry) and different varieties of vegetable fibers and, depending on the product, vegetable proteins.

The blending process of vegetable fibers with the other ingredients of the blend is also a key step of the process and for which Meat Pro relies on the advanced equipment of its Sablé-sur-Sarthe site in France.

“For this type of solutions, where fibers represent about 85% of the formula, the blending process itself is a real technical challenge," said Raphaël Amanatian, technical leader of the project. "According to the different lengths of the fibers which are used, the density and the fluidity of the powder blend varies." 

Depending on the formulation, the company said the complete Meat Pro blends can enable to obtain the “high fiber” or “source of fiber” claim for the end product (regulation EC No 1924/2006).

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