Pope Announces Launch of Nutsche Filter-Dryers

Nutsche Filter-Dryers. Photo: Pope Scientific Inc.
Nutsche Filter-Dryers. Photo: Pope Scientific Inc.

Pope Scientific Inc. has debuted its Pope Nutsche Filter-Dryers, used worldwide for high purity separations of liquids and solids.

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Advantages and capabilities of the Nutsche Filter Dryer include:

  • Solids filtering, washing, reslurrying, and drying can all be done in a single vessel

  • Minimal operator/environmental exposure to the materials

  • Faster filtering possible via pressurizing liquid out than sucking it out via vacuum

  • Ability to dry solids via vacuum and optional heating

Pope Nutsches are available in a wide range of scale in volumes from 0.2 through 1000 liters. The popular Pope Benchtop Nutsche Filter is often used in small scale production and for scale-up studies in research and development in many industries. These are available in 6-inch diameter, with a choice of 3, 4, or 5 liter volumes.

All Nutsches are pre-fitted and tested with components including valves, sight glasses, pressure relief, spray assembly for cake washing or CIP, pressure/vacuum gauge, plus other optional items for special applications. Most Nutsches are fitted with heating/cooling jackets but can be ordered without, or with electric heating.

Nutsche offers an optional raising/lowering cake agitator to break up lumps for drying efficiency, although some applications call for conventional mixers or none.

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